We Deliver Solutions

We are a team of professionals dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce sectors, all available to our customers anytime, anywhere.


Our executive and technology teams drive our company.   We have over 35 years of experience in the industrial and e-commerce sectors, experience that has enabled us to develop Tofino Software’s Resource Management Suite, the next generation of supply chain management solutions.   And we’ve been here before.   Prior to joining Tofino Software every member of our executive team has founded and grown successful international companies, companies that continue to deliver world-class solutions to their customers today.


We began in this business because we saw a void in the increasingly complex and confusing supply chain management market.   Customers were being asked to accept separate solutions for managing inventory and procurement, an approach that just didn’t make sense to us.   From the start Tofino Software’s strategy has been to integrate these essential business activities through a single web application interface, and to deliver the solution to customers via a cost-effective subscription licensing model.   From our CEO – “We believe a hosted managed inventory offering integrated with robust e-commerce capabilities creates a solution benefiting both distributors and the end-user community.   As a value-add proposition the benefits are unparalleled.”

"We are very pleased with Tofino Software.   During the entire process, from the intial introductory sessions to go-live, their staff has been helpful, informative, and efficient.   They have answered all of our questions regarding functionality, reporting, and process flow.   We have found the software to be extremely user friendly and easy to learn."

Meg Hogg, Demmer Corporation


Tofino Software is committed to providing industry-leading supply chain management solutions to our customers.   This is all we do.   If you want a company dedicated to this industry working for you, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.