Maintenance Management

Optimized for tablets and designed for a paperless barcode-driven work environment, Tofino’s Maintenance Management application gives you the tools you need to keep things running.   Gone are the days of run-to-failure thinking – with Tofino’s proactive scheduling capabilities your preventative maintenance program will deliver lower overall repair costs, increased uptime, and improved employee safety.   Fully integrated with our Asset Management application, Tofino's maintenance management capabilities give you a single point of visibility and control over planned and unplanned maintenance work, safety compliance, and more.   Access and share maintenance-related data with your team, management, purchasing, and supply room, all in real-time.   Location-based permissions provide controlled access to your work orders, schedules, assets, and warranties, giving you the control you need to effectively maintain an individual location or your entire family of business units.

Easy Scheduling

Keeping your facility operating at peak efficiency means staying on top of your planned and unplanned maintenance work orders.   With Tofino’s built-in Scheduler you can easily define preventative maintenance work orders for any asset for completion on a recurring schedule.   And no need to set up each asset individually – once you have your maintenance schedule defined for one asset you can easily copy it to any asset requiring the same schedule.

Easy Scheduling

Approvals and Notifications

Whether it's work done that wasn’t needed, or planned work that was missed, it all ends up costing you money.   With Tofino’s approval controls all work orders can be routed through an approval process, ensuring no work is done that isn’t required.   And to ensure assigned work is not missed, email notifications are automatically sent to the work order owner when the work order is created.

Approvals and Notification

OEM Reference Databases

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look up and order equipment parts the same way you do for inventory items?   Now you can with Tofino's integrated OEM reference databases.   Simply select the equipment manufacturer and have instant access to the parts you need to maintain your equipment, all from within Tofino’s Maintenance Management application.   Not sure of the part number?   No problem – with full image support for OEM parts you can easily identify what you need.

OEM Reference Database

Image & Document Support

In addition to access to all of the digital documentation associated with each asset, work orders also provide the ability to attach any additional documentation generated as part of completing the job.   This could include warranty information, modifications to existing documents, or even images of the work done.   And you don’t have to upload the images from your PC – simply take the picture and upload directly from any web-enabled mobile device.

Document Support

Procurement Integration

While the goal is to always have what you need to complete the job, there will be times when you need to buy something.   So it’s a good thing we’ve completely integrated procurement into our Maintenance Management application.   Easily order inventory items, OEM parts, and even subcontractor services, associating everything with your work order for job cost tracking and reporting on overall asset cost of ownership.

Procurement Integration

Warranty Tracking

While we provide full support for warranty tracking by asset, maintenance work performed against those assets often carries warranty terms as well.   With Tofino’s Maintenance Management application you can track warranty information for the maintenance work itself, whether it covers the labor performed by a service provider, or the parts installed as part of servicing the asset.   And everything’s automatically associated with the underlying asset – no double entry required.

Warranty Tracking

Safety and Compliance

User-defined onscreen forms are a powerful component of Tofino’s Maintenance Management application, allowing you to create and customize forms tailored to your specific safety and compliance requirements.   With a well-designed form you’re able to track compliance and status, aggregate and analyze data, and even attach documents and images in support of the work performed, all from any web-enabled device.

Safety and Compliance

Maintenance Management Highlights

  • Re-usable work order templates
  • Budget definition and tracking
  • Work order material usage and ordering
  • Maintenance reasons and reporting
  • Warranty management by work order
  • User-definable maintenance checklists
  • Customizable maintenance forms
  • Customer-defined data collection points
  • Built-in work order approval process
  • Employee work schedule management
  • Maintenance assignment and labor distribution
  • Automatic work order notifications
  • Work order barcode printing
  • Document and image support
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Import/export work orders from/to existing systems

"The system has completely changed how we do things at Lakeshore.   It has made us more efficient, more organized, and more resourceful.   The more we use it the more useful we find it to be.   The system has saved us both time in data entry and also in making decisions on equipment, based on real time data.   Our maintenance crew has been able to act more quickly and effectively with the data and ease of use of the system provided by Tofino Software."

Ricardo Lopez, President, Lakeshore Technologies

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