Inventory Management

Tofino’s Inventory Management application delivers best-of-breed features, providing you with the control and visibility you need to efficiently manage your inventory.   As an integral component of our Cloud-based TRMS solution our Inventory Management application delivers real-time point-of-use access to critical inventory information, anytime, from any web-enabled desktop or device.   Support for comprehensive location-based replenishment models is built in, including min/max and Kanban.   Deal with multiple suppliers?   No problem – we provide full support for defining and working with all of your suppliers, including uploading of their individual catalogs for easy and immediate access via TRMS.   And as a fully barcode-driven solution, Tofino provides all the barcode printing capabilities you’ll need to automate your inventory management tasks.   If integration is required with your existing MRP/ERP system, we can do that too, transaction by transaction.

Real-Time Tracking

With full visibility into what’s being issued and what’s being received, our Inventory Management application ensures you have the real-time information you need to efficiently maintain dynamic inventory levels.   Built-in support for mobile devices guarantees that usage is recorded as it happens, with changes to on hand quantities visible immediately for all users.

Real-time Tracking

Multi-Supplier Support

Easily define and maintain your complete list of suppliers, and associate one or more supplier with any inventory item.   Tired of dealing with different supplier part numbers for the same item?   With our multi-supplier support you can map your unique item number to supplier part numbers from multiple suppliers.   And with support for different item pricing by supplier you’ll always get the best deal.

Multi-Supplier Support

Order Confirmation

You’ve figured out what you need, and ordered it from your favorite supplier, but did they get the order?   With Tofino’s automated order confirmation feature your suppliers will receive an email copy of your order, complete with a simple “click to confirm” button.   Using our built-in dashboard you’ll be able to see which suppliers have confirmed your orders, and which might need a follow-up call to get things moving.

Order Confirmation

Barcode Printing

Our fully-integrated barcode printing capabilities let you easily generate barcodes for inventory items, assets, locations, employees, work orders, and more.   Print individual barcodes, or define a list of what you need and print a bunch. With user-configurable fields and full support for a wide variety of label sizes you’re ready to automate your data entry tasks.   Already have existing printers?   No problem – we print to virtually any barcode label printer.

Barcode Printing

Easy Access To Data

With real-time tracking of inventory usage and deliveries, up to the minute on-hand and on-order quantities are always available.   Comprehensive search and filter capabilities allow you to zero in on specific inventory items, either based on freeform search criteria or as filtered by location or supplier.   And with built-in item usage reporting available with one click, you’re easily able to anticipate upcoming requirements based on historical trends.

Easy Access to Data

Vending Integration

Why settle for supply room usage reporting out of one system, and your vending usage reporting out of a completely separate system?   With Tofino’s vending integration you’ll be able to import data from your current vending solution, and generate combined supply room and vending usage in a single set of reports.   With integration support provided for many popular vending solutions Tofino’s Inventory Management application brings it all together for you.

Vending Integration

Inventory Management Highlights

  • Integrated with Smart Procurement
  • Automatic replenishment based on defined rules
  • Image support for inventory items
  • Support for unlimited inventory locations
  • Inventory transfers between locations
  • Multiple barcodes per item
  • Product and location barcode printing
  • Real-time inventory valuation
  • Usage reports by employee, department, and job
  • Multiple suppliers for each item
  • Supplier-specific pricing and part numbers
  • Preferred supplier designation
  • Access to built-in distributor catalogs
  • Add to inventory from distributor catalogs with one click
  • Usage tracking and ordering reports
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Full scanner and tablet support
  • Import/export inventory from/to existing systems

"The initial implementation involved getting Stevens’ employees as well as customers to embrace new, more efficient ways of managing customer inventories.   Tofino Software supported this effort with training as required, both with our salespeople and our customers."

Ray Jourdain, Director of Sales, The Stevens Company

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