Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a short list of our most frequently asked questions.   If you don’t see what you’re looking for here please contact us.   We'd be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Q. What is Tofino Software's Resource Management Suite?Top

A. Tofino's Resource Management Suite (TRMS) is a lean, web-based just-in-time inventory management, asset management, maintenance management, and e-procurement solution, that enables manufacturers to cost effectively control tool and supply inventories while managing multiple vendors.

Q. What can TRMS do?Top

A. TRMS can manage replenishment and procurement for the shop, the entire facility, and even multiple locations.   As well, TRMS can automate your full buying cycle and provide end-to-end control and visibility of the procurement lifecycle.   With TRMS you will be able to restrict maverick buying and other uncontrolled spending.

Q. What equipment do I needTop

A. Any computer with USB ports and either WiFi and/or LAN access - netbooks work great.   You will also require an internet connection and your choice of operating system - Windows 7 or later, Linux, or Mac OS.   Tofino Software's completely web-based applications have been developed to work under Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 or later.

Q. What software do I need?Top

A. Other than a supported browser you need no additional software.   As a completely web-based suite of applications there is no software to install.

Q. How do I get started?Top

A. The first step is to get yourself signed up with Tofino Software, which you can do here.

Q. What is the term of the Tofino Software agreement?Top

A. The Tofino Software agreement is month-to-month and may be terminated by you at any time with 30 days notice.

Q. What happens to my data if I terminate my agreement?Top

A. All of your data belongs to you, and can be accessed and downloaded by you at anytime from anywhere, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   If you elect to terminate your agreement Tofino Software will save your data for a minimum of 30 days after termination.

Q. What is the learning curve?Top

A. Customers are typically up and running almost immediately, using the applications to issue and receive items.   Most of our customers are fully self-sufficient within one to two weeks of going live.

Q. How long before I'm up and running?Top

A. Your system will be provisioned by Tofino Software within hours of registration.   Once provisioned User, Employee (Operator), and cost center GL code (Job) information can be uploaded in minutes.

Q. What is User, Employee (Operator), and cost center GL code (Job) data?Top

A. You will need to designate Users that have access to the Tofino Software application suite, along with their access privileges.   As well, if you are tracking usage by employee and/or cost center, work order or GL code, associated data must be either provided or uploaded using our on-screen guides and templates.   This step can also be completed by Tofino Software as part of the initial implementation.

Q. Does TRMS support multiple vendors and vendor databases?Top

A. Yes, TRMS supports multiple vendors, and multiple vendor databases.

Q. Does TRMS support multiple locations?Top

A. Yes, TRMS supports multiple locations, providing location support down to the bin number.   The application can provide real-time inventory and purchasing transparency to multiple sites within your facility, as well as any number of external plants or locations anywhere in the world.   All of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Q. Does TRMS track regrinds?Top

A. Yes, full regrind tracking support is available within the application.   Simply set up a separate Site location for regrinds and the customer can then transfer items to and from the regrind facility, with full tracking capabilities.

Q. Does transferring inventory generate an audit trail?Top

A. Yes, all transfer activity generates a date- and time-stamped audit trail, complete with information identifying the originator of the transfer.

Q. Does TRMS support cycle counting?Top

A. Yes, TRMS supports cycle counting.   Any change in inventory quantity will generate a date- and time-stamped audit trail, complete with information indentifying the originator of the quantity (count) change.

Q. What data do I need to get the most out of TRMS?Top

A. For TRMS users if the customer has their own part numbers their database will have to be organized and uploaded using our on-screen guides and templates, or can be completed by Tofino Software.   Generally, part-related data may include:

  • Customer part numbers (distributors only)
  • Vendor part numbers
  • Manufacturer part numbers
  • Min/max quantities
  • Quantity on hand
  • Preferred vendor globally or by location
  • Vendor pricing
  • Description
  • Manufacturer
  • Location
  • Item calibration dates (as appropriate)
  • Bin number
  • Jobs
  • Operator

Q. What happens if there is a power failure, or I lose internet connectivity?Top

A. TRMS is always in a saved state.   As soon as you log back into TRMS your work will be exactly where it was when you left the application.   No data is ever lost.

Q. Do I have to log in for every scan?Top

A. No, once you are logged in the screen will remain operational for repetitive activity, including scanning.   The screen will automatically log you out after prolonged inactivity.   No data will be lost if that occurs.

Q. What is included in the Implementation Fee?Top

A. The Implementation Fee is a one-time charge for each distinct address or site, and includes the following:

  • Provisioning - unique customer-specific server set up with login
  • Upload of customer inventory database(s) - does not include data cleanup or reconciliation
  • Upload of Job/GL Code/Cost Center data
  • Upload of Employee/Operator data
  • Upload of location-specific data
  • User training - two hours, web-based

Q. What self-help resources are available?Top

A. Once you've logged into the system help is available on our Support & Downloads page.   Documents can be downloaded that provide clear graphical representations of TRMS functionality.