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Our customers are the best in business, and we value the opportunity to provide world class solutions designed to meet their specific requirements.

We Can't do it Without You.

We work with our customers to deliver exactly what is required, whether it’s out-of-the-box functionality, custom capabilities, or integration with existing accounting and ERP systems.   With us there is no norm, no mold our customers must conform to. Our customers tell us what they require, and we listen.   As a result our focus, our roadmap, and our company are all guided by the best minds in the business.   We've listed a few of them here.


Genie knew they had to replace their existing inventory and asset management application with a user-friendly solution.   And friendliness wasn’t the only criteria - the new system had to provide industrial strength capabilities as well.   Genie needed to be able to track assets and inventory issued across their numerous supply environments, including real-time global location and tracking of CapEx items.   Impact on their in-house IT infrastructure and team had to be zero.

Working with Genie on their existing data Tofino was able to upload and configure Genie’s new system within two business days, delivering on all the tracking and reporting objectives outlined as part of the original requirements.   Easy-to-use interfaces resulted in rapid adoption of TRMS by Genie personnel, with no downtime and minimal training required.   With no upfront software investment and hardware investment limited to optional mobile devices, the risks normally associated with deploying enterprise level solutions were virtually eliminated.   And with no hardware or software to deploy, Genie’s IT team couldn’t be happier.

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TRMS has changed the way Webber does business.   As the largest infrastructure construction company in Texas Webber needed to streamline how they requisitioned and purchased material for their construction projects.   Webber needed a tool that would allow them to easily requisition material and work seamlessly with their vendors to deliver the material directly to the job site.

Tofino has more than met the challenge.   Working with Webber over a period of three months our development team implemented the additional capabilities needed to meet Webber’s specific requisition and purchasing requirements.   Coupled with Tofino’s built-in access to vendor databases the result was a world-class purchasing and resource management program tailor-made for Webber.   The user-friendly screens and overall flexibility of the solution means Webber’s Project Managers and Engineers now spend a fraction of the time creating and approving purchases, generating real savings on every job.

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"There are many pros to the software.   It is web based, mass data uploads, downloads, and updates are done easily.   The search capabilities are fantastic. Data reporting is also very easy.   Customer support is some of the best that I've seen."

Owen Thurmond, Continuous Improvement Manager at ABB Inc.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal’s goals were simple – provide an affordable Cloud-based inventory replenishment and procurement system that could accommodate their multi-site deployment requirements.   In addition, all order transactions had to be encrypted and pushed to Cardinal’s JD Edwards system in real-time.

Within three months of beginning the project Cardinal’s TRMS solution was up and running, complete with the JDE integration.   Through Tofino’s real-time mobile scanner interface Cardinal was able to deploy their Stockless Vendor Managed Inventory program across multiple sites, providing complete inventory visibility and control.   Like we said, simple.

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Pelco had been searching for more than two years for an easy-to-use inventory management and replenishment solution.   Specifically Pelco needed a solution that would allow them to track inventory usage to specific account codes, coupled with automatic replenishment capabilities driven by defined min/max levels.   Comprehensive requisition and reporting capabilities were also required.

Tofino’s TRMS solution was up to the task.   Within 24 hours of uploading data to Pelco’s dedicated database they were fully operational.   As a Cloud solution no interaction with Pelco’s IT team was necessary, and no additional hardware was required.   With our support for virtually any barcode scanner, Pelco’s existing devices worked perfectly.   And while TRMS ticked all the boxes on the initial requirements, Pelco has been particularly pleased with the ability to reference any of our many built-in vendor catalogs, picking and choosing which items to add to their managed inventory database.   Which is kind of neat, at least to us.

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Hopkins Manufacturing

Like many organizations Hopkins was running their maintenance parts supply room with less-than-optimum organization, visibility, and control.   With the built-in barcode support provided by TRMS they were able to quickly create a fully barcoded and organized environment that immediately raised their level of efficiency.   But they didn’t stop there. Recognizing the benefits provided by Tofino’s robust inventory management and procurement functionality, Hopkins worked closely with our development team to create additional reporting and scheduling tools specific to their needs.   The result was a fully-integrated world class EAM solution tailored to delivery exactly what Hopkins required.

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